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ISOFRIG RO - Wall Sandwich Panels

The ideal solution for the construction of cold rooms or storages and of food processing and/or storage areas. Manufactured in Romania.

Length2000-13500 mm
Witdh1000 mm
Thickness (mm)120-150-200

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IsoFrig RS are thermal insulating panels for refrigerating enclosures. “Frigo” type joining provides more thermal insulation. Chemical system: PUR, PIR.

​IsoFrig panel is designed for negative temperature environment. These can be used in areas such as: cold and refrigeration rooms, food processing, strict hygiene fields. ​

1. Pre-painted galvanized steel sheet, according to EN10143, EN 10346 and EN 10169 current editions. Coatingsmay differ in according to customer’s requirement:polyester, PVC, PVDF. Micro-profiles: STANDARD, LIS. 

2. Core: Polyurethane foam PUR or PIR. 

3. Self-drilling screw with pulley and EPDM gasket.

Advantages and uses of IsoFrig panel system:

  • High thermal resistance;
  • Mechanical resistance;
  • Does not absorb water;
  • Durable;
  • Quick and easy installation

The exterior face is made of sheet metal S250 GD-0.45 mm, the inner face resting on the support is made of sheet metal S220 GD-0.40 mm.

The condition of the arrow at which the permitted limit openings were determined are in accordance with SR EN 14509/2013: L / 100.


Main characteristics

  • Reduced weight, between 9-14 kg/square meter
  • Reduced heat transfer coefficient compared to other building materials
  • Are impermeable to air and humidity due to the high percent of closed cells in polyurethane foam.


The products are delivered together will all the accessories necessary for mounting:

  • Metal accessories – are delivered in the same colours as the panels.
  • Fixing elements


​IsoFrig thermal insulating panels are packed by size and colour, directly on the production line and are protected with expandable foil in PE, to avoid any damage of the pre-painted sides. The number of panels in each package depends on their length and thickness.

Dimensional tolerants according EN 14509 – 2013:

Length2000-13500 mm
Witdh1000 mm
Thickness (mm)120-150-200
Admited deviations for lengths smaller than 3 m± 5 mm
Admited deviations for lengths higher than 3 m± 10 mm
Deflection to squareness6 mm
Useful witdh± 2 mm
Thickness [D] > 100 mm± 2%

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