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Steel Buildings

TeraSteel, as the market leader in Romania and Serbia on the thermal insulation panel market and as a major exporter in the EEC region, designs, manufactures, delivers and assembles all the main and secondary components of a metal building - building envelope, strength structure, sandwich panel roofs and facades, masking and sealing accessories, metal elements and PVC joinery, industrial gates.

From logistics and production buildings to commercial halls, TeraSteel offers a reliable approach to turnkey rapid construction across Europe. In time, we completed over 200 industrial buildings, commercial buildings, sports centers, office space, agro-farm buildings and warehouses.

TeraSteel is the company that offers creative and technical solutions, customized for industrial and residential customers, both small and medium, depending on their requests and budget. Together with local partners we carry out over 40 projects annually, from simple metal halls to complex structures.

Complete Solutions 

From the consulting stage and continuing with the design stage, we provide you with complete and integrated turnkey hall solutions ensuring that we meet all project specifications, from simple metal halls to complex structures. Thanks to our experience in design and execution and thanks to an automated manufacturing process, fast assembly of materials and rigorous quality control, TeraSteel offers a short project cycle and an optimal value for money, resulting in metal halls that do not last only long life, but they are also easy to maintain.

​The metal structures are designed to withstand time, and the modular nature allows disassembly and relocation to a new location. The halls are made in different construction systems that can be suitable for multiple commercial, industrial or agri-food destinations.

Endless possibilities 

Metal buildings are easy to modify and reconvert, and the variety of use of hall spaces is suitable for many areas, as they can be divided into production areas, offices, cargo reception areas, storage areas.

The team of builders is able to ensure an assembly made with relative ease. The installation is modular, the fasteners are made with screws, and the tire is made of thermal insulation metal panels, sheet metal or other materials, depending on the requirements of the project. Hall-type constructions are adapted to the pace of development of their own business, and the low degree of difficulty in design and execution is a considerable advantage in building such a functional building.

Optimized costs

Material consumption is optimized thanks to TeraSteel's integrated design solutions. You will be able to save time and money thanks to the quick and easy assembly ensured by the delivery on site of all the components of the hall - dimensioned, cut and anticorrosive treated components, features adapted to your project.

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We design, produce, deliver and make turnkey metal halls customized to your choice. Wall and roof colors, type and thickness of insulation, horizontal or vertical arrangement of panels, mezzanine or special purpose spaces, TeraSteel can add any personal note to your hall.

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