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Solar Panel Structures

Solar panel structures are the supporting pillars of photovoltaic modules installed to generate electricity from sunlight. These structures set the solar panels at an angle that can collect maximum solar radiation.

TeraSteel is specialized in the design and manufacture of professional photovoltaic structures, being  a supplier of structure systems used for the installation of photovoltaic panels with ground grip for the local and export market.

We develop and produce solid, customized and easy to assemble mounting systems on all types of ground.

We provide dedicated  design for maximum strength and durability, efficiency and fast instalattion. We deliver customized products in detail that do not require on-site processing.

Our solutions are cold-pressed galvanized profiles, with all the elements customized and adapted to each project.

On request, structures for parking systems with photovoltaic panels can be delivered.


  • Corrosion protection – passivation and hot-dip galvanizing – minimum Z275
  • Mechanical resistance – structural steel type S350 GD
  • Light construction" system - profiles with thin walls - obtained by cold profiling (does not structurally affect the constructive elements)

Optimized costs 

  • Reduced transport and assembly costs
  • Low weight 
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • Removable system


  • System customized to project/beneficiary requirements
  • Zonal adaptability 
  • Dedicated design 
  • Increased accuracy of details 

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