Reducing the CO2 footprint

Higher energy efficiency

Resistance to external factors

Cost optimization

Reuse of materials

Resistance to fire

Indoor air comfort

​Climate change is the single most important issue facing the world today. To protect our planet, we need to prevent a 1.5° rise in global temperatures this century. To do this, carbon emissions need to be cut to net zero globally by 2050 – but we are currently on course to miss this goal by at least five-fold. 

What Lead by TeraSteel offers?

Designed, produced and assembled by TeraSteel, Lead Hall is a unique solution for the Romanian construction market, succeeding to bring real benefits to architects, beneficiaries and the environment.

​As well as climate change, we are also facing an unprecedented threat to our natural world, with 1 million species at risk in a planet where 2 billion tons of waste is generated annually . 

​For those of us in the construction sector, it is particularly concerning that our industry is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions globally. Today, the construction and operation of buildings together account for 36% of global energy use and 39% of energy-related CO₂ emissions when upstream power generation is included. The construction industry is also responsible for ca. 30% of all waste to landfill globally. 

​Action, at scale, is urgently needed.​

Planting a tree is in our power.

Fighting deforestation is complicated, but planting a tree is in our power. Together with representatives of the Bistrita community, we planted over 2000 spruce and larch seedlings, on an area of ​​6000 square meters in Bistrita Bârgăului. We are passionate about the planet and it is in our power, of each one, to create a better world.

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Why TeraSteel?

We offer more than added value. We offer design, production and component documentation for steel structures and assembly in the field of industrial, commercial, agricultural or livestock halls as well as for a wide range of steel buildings.